JYW-6287 How to run a dev team in a cloud-talent world (100% remotework) | Devoxx

How to run a dev team in a cloud-talent world (100% remotework)


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Room 4 (Grand Parade)

Wednesday from 15:10 til 16:00

How to work 100% in the cloud? Do remote standups sound strange? Well that is the future of work! Scrum in remote environments will increase with the amount of people working remotely. Do you want to find out how a global startup is using the latest technologies and the best people to do just that? This is the presentation for you.

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Andy Tryba Andy Tryba

Founder & CEO of Crossover Co-founder & CEO of RideAustin

Started Crossover in 2014 and has grown it to be one of the largest online talent marketplaces spanning 108 countries. Crossover was founded on the belief that the best talent is truly spread all over the world - and assembling these all-stars into cloud teams enables companies to innovate at a significantly faster pace.

Andy is also the co-founder & CEO of a non-profit rideshare called RideAustin. RideAustin is the #1 rideshare in Austin and has completed over 1.4M rides since launch in May of 2016.

Previously, Andy spent 14 years running strategy at Intel Corporation and was also an advisor to the US White House on the future of jobs and engineering talent.

Frank Fischer Frank Fischer

Frank Fischer is the Head of Product of CrossOver, a globally operating startup in the field of remote and efficient knowledge work. He builds products with a globally distributed teams. His experience spans from developer evangelist for .net, developer audience marketing lead in Google and Microsoft, head of business unit Windows Phone, to CTO at Deutsche Telekom and various startups. He is a techie by heart but speaks marketing and business if needed. In his spare time, he loves playing around with Arduino or Raspberry Pis and is currently doing his Divemaster.