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Wojtek trusts in people. He always supports individuals and communities to learn and grow. He spent a decade coding in a variety of languages (strongest in JVM, Python, Node.js). He was leading teams of developers, designers and testers as a Head of Engineering at Polidea and CTO at Growbots. Wojtek involved in building many tech communities, e.g. Warsaw JUG, Mobile Warsaw, Mobile Central Europe, Warsjawa and HackWAW. Currently he focuses on community and training people in the tech industry.

Blog: http://erbetowski.pl

method Methodology & Culture

Delegate responsibility, gain productivity


The topic is a real eye-opener. For several decades software development was managed in a way primarily developed for manufacture during the industrial revolution. It is deeply broken and not integrating with creative nature of software developers. Therefore disruptive companies are winning markets with giants all over the world. They focus on individuals, understanding that people are by far the most important ingredient of the success. Applying this knowledge to software development, we're given a powerful (anti)management system for teams to innovate, disrupt and be super effective.