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Advocate of modern JavaScript solutions. Experienced in both frontend and backend. Passionate about solving technical and organisational issues.


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5 architectures of asynchronous JavaScript


In this talk we'll discuss 5 alternative approaches to handle async operations: callbacks, events, promises, coroutines and reactive streams. None of them is either legacy or a silver bullet - a good dev needs to pick the right tool for the job.

However, in order to understand them, we must step back to fundamentals all these rely on: the mechanics of event loop and run to completion rule, as well as learn to distinguish between sync and async flow. Then we proceed to design patterns built on top of each of the 5 approaches, discussing their strengths and limitations. Funfacts, such as famous Promise.race() included!

Come and listen!

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Up & running with TypeScript

Hands-on Labs

Ever heard about TypeScript but never had a chance to get your hands dirty with it?

This workshop starts with a short crash-course of most important & useful TS features and aims to migrate an existing app from JS to TS within just one day. Learn the migration strategies (remake, step by step), plan them (split work among the team), learn the tools and implement them all! You'll start with a webpack setup and existing app. Tasks include designing data structures, securing async operations, domain design (what your app is dealing with), project structure & automation tools, and more.

And then, the next day, start using TypeScript in your job :)

Requirements - At least basic knowledge of JavaScript language - Fill in this survey: - Following software installed on your laptop: - git versioning ( - node.js - server-side JavaScript platform ( In order to make sure everything is working fine, execute following: npm install -g typescript