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Passionate software engineer with interest in distributed systems. Strong supporter of continuous integration and delivery, proponent of the Unix philosophy of focused, composable tools. Currently develops Allegro – the largest e-commerce platform in Poland – by building internal libraries and technical services for the microservices-based architecture.

Blog: http://allegro.tech

archi Architecture & Security

Embrace failure – what can bring your system down


Your system is worth nothing if it's not available. Failures will happen though, so it's important to handle them gracefully.

In this talk we'll look into likely causes of out-of-memory errors, saturated thread pools and other outcomes of failure scenarios that can bring your system down. How to write applications that successfully cope with such scenarios? How to quickly find root causes of stability issues in production?

Come and listen to stories of 3 years of running (and breaking) microservices at Allegro. No fluff, just stuff.