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From Grid Dynamics

Konrad has over six years experience in the IT field, as a professional programmer and DevOps engineer. Prior to Grid Dynamics, Konrad worked as Operations Team Lead for Flowbox and a developer for Erlang Solutions. Currently, Konrad is a DevOps Engineer at Grid Dynamics helping to empower businesses with scalable Cloud solutions, and running various initiatives, like DevOps labs. When nobody is looking Konrad codes in Haskell.

Blog: https://twitter.com/k_gadek

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Git — the modern version control system


In 2005 Linus Torvalds—creator of Linux kernel—started searching for a version control system (VCS) that he could use for managing Linux' source code. Being unsatisfied with available systems, he set out to create his own that could help him efficiently do his job.

Fast forward to 2017: Microsoft is finishing transitioning of their Windows' source code to git—arguably the most popular version control system on the planet.

However—according to my observations—git is often misused. Even some "senior" developers know only basics: commit, push, and pull.

In this talk I will give you some intuitions about git that will help you while working with it. I shall start with describing why git works the way it does. Having shown you basics, I will discuss the tradeoffs of some of the work models that people adopt. Finally, I will show you some of the superpowers of git.