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Jonatan Kaźmierczak
Jonatan Kaźmierczak

From Trivadis Switzerland

Jonatan Kaźmierczak - senior consultant at Trivadis Switzerland, creator of Class Visualizer, top rated participant in contests in programming and data science, working with Java and SQL for 20 years. He started programming at the age of 12 and until now he likes demos from 8-bit Atari XL/XE.


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JVM Toolbox 2017 - Choose the right JVM language for the right task (Live coding)


As developers we want to be productive and efficient. Our core JVM language - Java - is good enough for many tasks. For certain tasks, however, we could use specialized languages in order to solve those tasks more efficiently. What programming languages are available in the JVM toolbox 2017? What tasks can we handle most efficiently with them?

During this live coding session we will develop functionality including calculation of mathematical expressions, processing of text templates, handling collections and maps as well as processing of JSON. We will use the latest versions of JVM languages including Java 9, Scala 2.12, Groovy 2.4 and ECMAScript 2015 (ES6) through interactive shells (including JShell introduced in JDK 9). We will also combine all the parts into a single JVM-based "Swiss Army knife" and use it in a sample Java application built with Gradle 3. At the end of the session we will be well prepared to handle our tasks with properly equipped JVM toolbox 2017.