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Daniel Lebrero is a technical architect with more than 15 years of software development experience. He works at the fin-tech IG, where he is involved in architecting the web platform, the analytics website and the big data solution. A long time Java practitioner, he now also loves ().

Blog: http://danlebrero.com

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Applying stability patterns: a case study


We all know how painful is to be paged at 3 am because the site is not responding.

Netflix has made popular the Circuit Breaker pattern, but that is just one of the stability patterns of Michael Nygard's "Release it!" book.

On this presentation, you will learn each of the stability patterns found in the "Release it!" book and we will look at practical examples of how they were applied while building a Java based system that integrates and mash up information from more than twenty different sources, some of them quite unreliable.