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Microservices with Kafka


Scalability, fault tolerance, distributed log … these are terms which we hear more and more these days. Make them happen is quite a challenge sometimes, especially if our business need to be data intensive, agile and fast to market.

One way to answer to this challenge is microservices. These are small services that communicate to each other to deliver business value. The key word here is communication. Without communication all the power of microservices falls apart. And communication is not a trivial fact when involves systems with multiple data systems that are talking to one another over many channels. Each of the channel requiring their own protocol and communication methods. This is where communication can become a bottleneck if not handled properly.

One answer to this problem is Kafka, a distributed messaging system providing fast, highly scalable and redundant message exchange using a publish-subscribe model. And when we talk about fast we talk about one of the fastest messaging systems out there.

This presentation will show you an alternative way of doing microservices with event-driven architecture through Kafka.