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Blazej Kubiak
Blazej Kubiak

From TomTom

I ma enthusiast of all aspects of big data processing and all technologies that bring this enthusiasm from dream into reality – like CUDA. For over ten years I have been involved in many challenging projects related to image and laser data processing. I am one of the authors of automated traffic signs detection and recognition systems and bird-eye image mosaic creation process


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Learning to fly


Flying is exciting and useful, but it is also quite complicated. Especially for the machine which does not have years of experience in understaning what it sees, like we humans do. On the other hand, machines can be more focused on the task. When they sense something through their equipment, they can react much faster than we humans do.

In our project we try to make the machine understand its environment as it flies, and use that understanding to fly on its own, smoothly and safely in unfriendly environments. During this talk you will participate in all the stages of this exciting adventure from the first lines of code, through algorithmic struggles up to complete system ready to explore the world.