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From Red Hat

Bartosz Majsak writes code for fun and profit, while being Senior Software Engineer in Red Hat. As a long time open source contributor and conference speaker he shares his passion about programming and testing methodologies. In Red Hat he is mainly focused on creating testing tools which bring a breath of fresh air for developers, leading Arquillian testing platform among the others. One thing that perhaps proves he is not a total geek is his addiction to alpine skiing.


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Boost your skills with Open Source


Believe it or not, software development does not happen on Stackoverflow. It does not even happen in the IDE of your choice. It’s all in your head. And in order to stay in the game and work on the exciting projects we have to learn new technologies and skills. It’s a critical part of our job, yet the most exciting one - we have to constantly learn.

Join me in this talk to learn not only about what the Open Source is and how you can contribute to it, but mainly how it can help you boosting your skills and career.