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Passionate developer and technical team leader. Successful deployment and satisfied customers is what he finds the most rewarding in his line of work. Loves programming for the power to create usable software out of nothing and seeing the effects immediately. Values working code and hard numbers over declarations and promises.

ssj Server Side Java

HTTP Servers: the fundament of microservices


Writing REST APIs is often the first choice when exploring distributed architectures. HTTP is well known and well understood protocol which helps when going through architectural revolution. This is why most of the applications have HTTP server at their heart. However was the choice of HTTP server an informed one, or did it come with the framework? What is the architecture of your HTTP server and tradeoffs that come with it?

Main focus of this talk is presenting the design and internal architecture of two commonly used HTTP servers: Tomcat and Undertow. What are the differences in threading model? How are requests processed before they reach controller class? Which parameters to tune and how to measure that tuning helped? You will get to know all this after visiting my presentation.