JNH-2335 Kotlin BOF | Devoxx
lang Programming languages

Room 4 (Grand Parade)

Wednesday from 19:30 til 20:30

Kotlin is a new JVM language which is quickly gaining ground due to its pragmatic approach to language features, care for compatibility with the existing Java ecosystem and good tooling support (backed by JetBrains). This informal session is a chance to meet other developers who are already using Kotlin or just considering to try it out.

There is no set agenda: we will discuss topics as they come up. I have been running Kotlin apps in production for several months now as a part of a large microservice-based system where most code is written in Java. We started from a single Kotlin service and now there are more and more Kotlin services at the company. So far, integration has been very smooth. I'd be happy to share my own experiences and to learn how it has worked out for others.

Michał Kosmulski Michał Kosmulski

Michał Kosmulski is a software engineer working at Allegro, the largest e-commerce site in Poland, where he develops applications for the advertising department. Prior to that he worked on internet and enterprise search engines, including the first Polish news search engine. He is interested in building high-performance applications regardless of whether it means going reactive or working close to the metal. Good practices combined with common sense are what he considers the key to building reliable, high quality software.