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Tomek is a senior software engineer at Cognifide interested in lightweight micro-service scalable architectures and reactive programming with more than 9 years of professional experience. Currently he is fascinated by Vert.x technology, RxJava. He loves hackathons and open source projects. His motto is: “keep things simple”.


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Knot.x - Reactive web integration platform


Let's imagine an online banking website containing different features like a chat box, exchange rates, stock data and user profile information. The site has a high performance characteristic, despite of its complexity and target publishing channels. All those features come from different providers/vendors having their own teams working in various modes, technologies and release cycles. Knot.x connects all of them in a controlled and isolated way, preventing any undesired interferences. It combines asynchronous programming principles and message-driven architecture providing a scalable platform for modern sites.

If you want to see Vert.x, RxJava in action you can not miss this talk. During the talk we will explain the idea behind Knot.x and show how Knot.x impacts systems architectures.