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Filip Grzadkowski
Filip Grzadkowski

From Google

Filip is an engineering manager at Google and has worked in technical infrastructure for 5 years. His main area of expertise is cluster management - scheduling, optimizing utilization, high level architecture and systems for automatic resource management. Recently involved in Kubernetes - open source cluster management stack branded by Google.

Filip earned Master of Science degree in computer science from the University of Warsaw, Poland.

cloud Cloud, Containers & Infrastructure

Autoscaling in Kubernetes


How many replicas do I need to serve my app? How big my cluster should be? How to make sure that the bill for compute resources is minimal while still be ready to serve all the traffic that can come?

This kind of questions bother most of the application owners or cluster administrators. This demo session will show how to forget about such problems. We will do a deep dive into the mysterious of autoscaling in kubernetes and show how it can simplify life of kubernetes users.