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Bjørn has worked on the J9 VM team since graduating from Carleton University (Ottawa, Canada) in 2013. He has worked on several of the exciting new features that have been rolled out in recent Java releases, including MethodHandles and invokedynamic (Java 7), Lambdas (Java 8), and VarHandles (Java 9). He’s currently an active member of the Valhalla expert group, designing features such as value types and reified generics for future Java releases.

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OpenJ9: Under the hood of the next open source JVM


This session dives into the design of the OpenJ9, IBM’s production JVM. Why might you care about this? IBM is open-sourcing its JVM! Learn how your java bytecode gets loaded into the JVM and turned into internal vm data structures that power your application. If you want an early peek at how the OpenJ9 operates, its data structures, and the best way to understand its execution, this is the session for you.