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I'm a Software Engineer having 4+ years experience in Java oriented full stack development. Quite often liaising between business and tech, working not only on code but also with customers. For almost 2 years leading a nomadic lifestyle traveling to various places while telecommuting at work.


method Methodology & Culture

How to CARE about software project in 4 simple words.


We - software programmers, developers, engineers - tend to have some bias toward new technologies and, in a perfect world, we’d only use them. It’s completely natural for us. We’re enthusiastic about things we do and strive to do them even better. That’s why we should also care about what we do. Thus, I'd like to share the CARE principle (which stands for Communication, Assumptions, Requirements and Expectations) so that we remember we can not only 'KISS' and 'DRY' but also 'CARE' ;)